Run by Museum of Half Truths 
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         An Anthology

       of Joy

An Anthology of Joy


All of our workshops are free to attend. Please sign up to book.

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Dionne Pajarillaga
In Celebration of a Lost Script

  • Wednesday 18th August
    2 - 3:30pm at CONTACT

  • Wednesday 25th August
    7 - 8:30pm (online)

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This workshop is a celebration of Baybayin, the pre-colonial ancient script of the Philippines.

Join artist Dionne Pajarillaga to learn to paint some words and phrases in Tagalog. Your paintings will be scanned in and used by Dionne to make pieces for our exhibition.

Maria Fernandez De Osso
Mindful design
to bring joy in our daily life

  • Saturday 21st August
    2pm - 4pm at CONTACT

(and also available online)

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Join creative designer Maria Fernandez De Osso for a workshop on mindfulness through design. We will create a series of five cards to act as prompts and reminders to be mindful in our day to day lives.

Polly Palmerini & Rachael Burns

Bundles of Habits

  • Monday 23rd August at CONTACT
    11am - 1pm & 2:30pm - 4:30pm

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A workshop exploring how our habits and routines impact us through some fun and interactive activities. Using collaborative practice and learning we will be investigating how these times have changed us and how we as... "living creatures… (we) are bundles of habits".

Aliyah Hussain
Layers of reflection:
A collaborative collage


  • Friday 27th August at CONTACT
    11am - 1pm & 2pm - 4pm

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A workshop of collaborative making with artist Aliyah Hussain. We will experiment with collaging, playing with materials and mark making to create works featuring submissions from the archive of small joys.