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         An Anthology

       of Joy

An Anthology of Joy


who will complete micro residencies within the archive

Aliyah Hussain, Dionne Pajarillaga, 
Hannah Whitlow, Jessica El Mal
Maria Fernandez de Osso.

Aliyah Hussain ︎︎︎

Aliyah Hussain’s practice approaches themes found within feminist science fiction literature as well as taking influence from imagery found within the design of nature, pattern, mathematics, and geology. With a background in performance and a practice rooted in process and making, her work moves across sound, ceramics, and drawing, with the methods of collage underpinning each discipline. She works with abstract forms and uses these to construct remixed narratives or create formulas for image-making; exploring visual and sonic modes of communication. Collaboration is an important part of her practice and she feels most at home working alongside other artists and pushing the limits of her skills and knowledge and getting out of her comfort zone.

Recent works and collaborations include Potential Wor(l)ds with Anna Bunting-Branch (commissioned by Reimagine Europe), The Sleep of Plants, for Holden Gallery, Manchester and The kitchen table collective with Human Libraries, Bootle/Crosby.

Maria Fernandez de Osso ︎︎︎

Maria Fernandez de Osso is a creative designer interested in community engagement, social change and mindful design. She is a mental health advocate and believes in the power of arts and design for wellbeing. Art connect people, allowing them to express themselves and own their narratives. She works as a digital designer and always explores and experiment with new ways and techniques on visual communication and design.


Dionne Pajarillaga ︎︎︎

I’m fascinated by and usually enjoy dissecting topics within social, political and cultural issues. My curiosity towards these topics are expressed through graphic design and illustration. I have a huge passion for design and I would personally love a career where I could push boundaries and help me discover myself as a designer. In the future, I aspire to be a designer that can successfully work with important and relevant brands, magazines, or even campaigns and elevate them, while doing them justice, with design that reflects their values. Next to my passion for graphic design, I have an affinity for photography, video-editing and illustration.


Jessica El Mal ︎︎︎

Jessica El Mal is an English-Moroccan artist and curator dedicated to valuing time, care and human connection in everything she works on. With a particular interest in ecology and migration, her work is both deeply personal and yet draws on the universality of the human experience through a balance of digital techniques, aesthetics and interaction. The work tends to address global structures of power through critical research, multidisciplinary projects, and speculative future imaginaries often centered around collaboration, co-curation and collective knowledge systems.


Hannah Whitlow ︎︎︎

Hannah Whitlow is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Manchester, UK. Hannah's work explores the connection to ourselves, the earth and each other with inspiration drawn from mysticism, folklore and spirituality. Since graduating in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent in 2012, Hannah has developed a portfolio career as an artist and workshop facilitator. Hannah now works for Blaze as the Programme Producer, taking the lead on creating project opportunities for young people.