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         An Anthology

       of Joy

An Anthology of Joy


who will be contributors to the project online and in real life.
Creative Project & Language Research Interns 


The RISE interns have been researching into how language affects our understanding of art and how we experience migration, how digital art spaces and experiences are being shaped and curatorial practice as more accessible space to learn.We need your thoughts now, please support our interns in their research! 
Here is the full list of surveys:

Paola, one of our language assistants is collating funny stories around mis-translation and misunderstandings that she will turn into a series of comic strip drawings. If anyone would like to contribute they are welcome to on this Padlet-

Fellow language assistant Cinthia is collecting stories from migrants who have experienced changing the pronunciation of their name, shortening it or going by a nickname in their new country-

Caterina is trying to find a creative solution to overcome the language barrier while approaching art by substituting artworks’ captions and descriptions with sounds or soundtracks. Any artists interested in having their work reinterpreted through music can add an image of your artwork and few lines of text about it on this padlet-

Elena is researching the presentation of films in gallery spaces. She would love to gather thoughts from audiences, artists and curators to help her write a handbook on how to best display films in galleries-